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MCDP28 displayport product family

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MegaChips is First to Bridge DisplayPort with

HDMI2.0a in a Single Chip


LSPCON for Motherboard down-configuration application solution


USB Type-C / DisplayPort to HDMI2.0 accessory application solution

General information

The MCDP28x0 is a power-optimized DisplayPort1.2a-to-HDMI 2.0 converter device targeted for desktop/mobile PC motherboard-down applications and for DP or USB type-C adaptor (dongle, docking station) applications. This device functions as a level shifter as well as an active protocol converter. In level shifter mode, the device functions as a PHY repeater with optional jitter removal capability. This operating mode provides a low-power means of using an AC-coupled TMDS signal from a dual mode DP (DP++) source to be repeated to the HDMI output. The maximum TMDS character clock frequency in this mode is limited to 340 Mchar/s (per HDMI1.4b specification).

In Protocol Converter (PCON) mode, MCDP28x0 functions as a DP branch device receiving AC coupled DisplayPort stream and converting it to HDMI output. The maximum TMDS character clock frequency supported in this mode is up to 600 Mchar/s (per HDMI2.0 specification).

Ordering information

Part number Description
MCDP2800-BB 64 LFBGA (7 x 7 x 1.4 mm) for motherboard-down application
MCDP2850-BB 64 LFBGA (7 x 7 x 1.4 mm) for dongle application
  • Multi-media converters powered by uncompromised video rendering, advanced content protection, and enhanced security
  • Supports HDMI level shifting function up to 3.4Gbps data rate and protocol conversion function up to 6.0Gbps data rate, ensuring optimal balance of power and performance for inside notebook and tablet applications
  • Utmost bandwidth and versatility to empower USB Type-C to HDMI2.0a accessory (dongles, docking station) designs
  • Ultimate visual experience through High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging for deep color video up to 4Kx2K 60Hz, CEA timing


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